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So yeah, I've been procrastinating that Infectious Blood thing with my friend. He told me to do the death animation (for when the zombie touches you) because he says he isn't good at it. So I said okay, but I haven't done it. I finally came around to doing it, and now he's working on it. We seem to be going separate ways again, that usually blows cuz we never get any good shit done. Hopefully Infectious Blood will come out well. Again, it is one of our first games, so graphics and stuff will suck a bit.

Its a little more than half done.

Now this is MY project, Infectious Blood was really more of his:

It's called ACT. As in, you act now? Acting, preforming an action? Anyways...

Terrorists took over a civilian meeting, and took a large number of hostages (the hosts and the audience). Your team will have to go through and obviously take them out. I have the storyline in my head, I just have to animate it all.

I'll keep you in touch. And I attached a random screenshot :D

Infectious Blood + New Game Update

I didn't realize that I would get two 10s and two 5s 45 seconds after submitting it. I was SHOCKED.

First Audio Submission!

2008-10-12 11:17:45 by CodeMachine

I'm really excited, though its not my best music yet.

Go review it! :D

I barely did shit on my side...Let me explain first.

My friend called me over to his house to actually bring the idea to me. So we ATTEMPTED to start it, but it came to be an ep!C fail. So we decided, we both work on the project, but they will be two different games. We will compare them next weekend, and see which one is better. Then we can touch it up.

Well he already started with which guns, the menu, the sounds, the graphics, the actionscript, etc...

I just have a preloader D:

My friend and I...

2008-10-08 13:29:08 by CodeMachine

So my friend and I create little flash games, very simple yet entertaining stuff that would probably get blammed here. We don't care really, it's just fun for us. But recently we've been working on a project called Infectious Blood, which is a very simple zombie game which you are on ... Just keep in tune I suppose.

NG Account Made

2008-10-05 14:29:04 by CodeMachine

Finally, I've been waiting to do this, I just never got around to doing it. NewGrounds always looked cool to me, but I've been doing stuff all the time I never got time to do it.

Now here I am. Yeah.