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Infectious Blood + New Game Update

2008-10-26 13:13:38 by CodeMachine

So yeah, I've been procrastinating that Infectious Blood thing with my friend. He told me to do the death animation (for when the zombie touches you) because he says he isn't good at it. So I said okay, but I haven't done it. I finally came around to doing it, and now he's working on it. We seem to be going separate ways again, that usually blows cuz we never get any good shit done. Hopefully Infectious Blood will come out well. Again, it is one of our first games, so graphics and stuff will suck a bit.

Its a little more than half done.

Now this is MY project, Infectious Blood was really more of his:

It's called ACT. As in, you act now? Acting, preforming an action? Anyways...

Terrorists took over a civilian meeting, and took a large number of hostages (the hosts and the audience). Your team will have to go through and obviously take them out. I have the storyline in my head, I just have to animate it all.

I'll keep you in touch. And I attached a random screenshot :D

Infectious Blood + New Game Update


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2008-11-25 00:55:39

Looks good so far! Wish ya Luck.


2008-11-30 13:01:52

Sounds like a good game.


2010-01-19 12:25:51